Private Consultations

Rebecca frequently provides consultations to school districts in Pennsylvania and in other states. She can complete functional behavior assessments, develop positive behavior support plans, and write social skills programs for implementation at both the elementary and secondary levels. "Becky" is also well-respected for her exceptional faculty trainings in autism, executive functioning, social skills, and supporting challenging behaviors in the regular education classroom.

Rebecca can also provide on-going consultation for particular students with both academic and behavioral challenges to maintain their placements in the least restrictive environment. She is currently providing consultation to four school districts, two of whom have implemented verbal behavior programs under her direction within their life skills classrooms. Rebecca's model for verbal behavior supports children with intellectual impairment, language delay, and difficult behavior. She is best known for her autism strategies and supports, and she has developed a social skills curriculum for students with high functioning autism.

Because of Rebecca's travel schedule, it is best to contact Rebecca for consultation work via e-mail at Fees for services vary depending on the consultation requirements and location. site hit counter