Quotes About Rebecca's Seminars
Hear what those who have viewed Rebecca's presentations are saying.

"I have never been to a seminar like this one! I laughed, cried, and rededicated myself to becoming the best teacher I can be!"

"Thank you so much Rebecca for all the special insight you gave to me so that I can help my child!"

"Excellent, excellent, excellent! Definitely a 'wow' experience!"

"I would love for all my fellow teachers to come and hear Rebecca too."

"Rebecca's sincerity and love for these children really shines through."

"I'm going to go right to my principal and tell him to call her. She needs to visit our school!"

"I am so glad that I came. I usually get bored, but not today!"

"I am so excited to try everything I learned today."

"Rebecca makes herself accessible - she certainly makes it clear that she wants to help anyone who works with a child with autism if they need it."

"I loved the videos - I will always remember Rebecca's 'show teaching' style rather than 'tell teaching'."

"I hope she returns to my town because I will make sure that everyone I know who works with a kid with this disability gets to see her." site hit counter